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The Physics syllabus is designed to offer varied experiences to the learner. The experiences are meant to lead to an all round mental, social and moral development of the leaner.

This syllabus presents Physics as a body of knowledge about the physical environment. it employs a systematic scientific methodology of study to arouse learners way of reasoning and create positive attitude. To this end the use of teacher/learner discussion, teacher demonstration and group/class experiments as methods of instruction is encouraged. It emphasises not only the understanding of the fundamental scientific concept and principles, but also the experimental approach of investigation The experimental approach should prepare the learner to present scientific concepts and ideas in the modern technology. Teachers are encouraged to expand upon suggested projects and teaching methodologies for effective implementation of this syllabus. These projects are designed to enrich the experiments carried out in the laboratory and enhance creativity. The project work approach provides a learner with opportunities in undertaking investigations for purposes of finding solutions to problems. It also helps in the transfer and application of the required scientific knowledge to solving problems encountered in experiences. Field visits to resource centre/institutions of higher learning and industries are encouraged to enrich and modernize the teaching/learning process.

The general and specific objectives have been carefully articulated to ensure clarity of the intended learning outcomes. The time allocated for each topic is adequate and will enable the average learner not only acquire knowledge but also discover more about the world around him/her and as such develop interest in the subject.

The syllabus also aims at inculcating in the leamer virtues such as diligence and high integrity. Care has also been taken to sensitise the learner on aspects of health and enviromnental concerns. The syllabus ensures appropriate balance in the development of cognitive, psychomotor and affective skills

The teacher of Physics is therefore challenged to make the subject more appealing through experimental approach and proper planning.