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As a medium of learning and expression, Physical Education is an integral part of the education process within and outside the learning institutions. Physical Education shares and reinforces the contribution of disciplines like music, drama, dance and visual arts and subjects such as literature, science and humanities. Through the use of suitable and organized physical activities the learner is able to acquire skills, knowledge and attitudes of sportsperson ship for participation in sporting activities. Given the importance of Physical Education in the total development of the individual, the activities provided in this syllabus are intended to give learners thorough practice within the framework of gradual progression of skills in games, athletics, gymnastics, swimming and dance among others. These activities lead to the development of physical, mental, emotional, health and social aspects of the learner.

 This syllabus is a guide for secondary school Physical Education. It must be emphasized that it is not a planned programme of lessons but topics that a teacher can select for each class according to their ability levels and plans the lessons from the activities provided. Some of the activities have been covered in the primary school cycle and need not be re-introduced at this level but should be practiced and applied in game like situations during Physical Education lessons. For the new topics, the emphasis should be on introducing and teaching related skills gradually leading to their application in mini-games. It is advisable to introduce skills of a particular topic such as football and teach it through before starting on another topic.

 Topics on optional activities such as martial arts and outdoor pursuits have been provided. These cut across all classes and can be introduced during Physical Education lessons, clubs, games time or weekends. However, it is advisable to introduce those optional activities whose facilities and expertise are available.

 During Physical Education lessons and sports, the teacher should endeavour to sensitize the learners on contemporary issues affecting the society. These include HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), gender responsiveness, human rights, environmental conservation and integrity among others.

 The overall aim of the course is to enable learners acquire skills for fitness, good health, growth and development, character formation, proper use of leisure time, acquisition of life skills and; enjoyment. These should be assessed continuously and periodically to reflect the extent to which each learner has achieved the objectives and outcomes of this syllabus. In all activities both learners and teachers should observe safety precautions at all times, be it during Physical Education lessons, games or clubs.