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1) Charts

2) Flash cards

3) Music scores/song sheets

4) Resource persons

5) Live performances

6) Recorded materials

v     Audio

v     Audio-visual

7) Music manuals/tutors/tablatures

8) Melolies

v     known melodies

v     given melodies

v     composed melodies

9) Instruments

v     melodic instruments

v     traditional African instruments

v     drums

v     keyboard

10) Songs

v     African folk songs

v     Western songs

v     art songs

11) Selected topical (emerging issues) such as:

v     child labour

v     drug abuse

v     HIV/AIDS

v     integrity

v     environmental issues

v     teenage pregnancy

v     early marriages

v     gender

v     information technology (IT)

v     social responsibilities

12) Music centers

13) Recording studios

14) Choirs

15) Bands

16) Cultural and music festivals

17) Photographs

18) Costumes and decor

19) Guidelines on project work

20) Dance properties e.g. sticks, spears, shields etc.