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By the end of the course, the learner should be able to: 

1) read and write music.

2) use musical instruments, costumes and decorations.

3) express own ideas, emotions and experiences through composing music and dance.

4) appreciate and contribute to development of different types of music.

5) acquire a sense of co-operation by participating in musical activities.

6) promote and enhance national unity by identifying through exploration, appreciation and performance of indigenous music from all parts of Kenya.

7) contribute to the world of music through study and participate in the country’s music and that of other nations.

8) use acquired music skills for his/her well being and of others in society.

9) use music to acquire better mental and physical health.

10) compose music to educate society on issues affecting them.

11) perform and enjoy song, dance and instrumental music.

12) develop/improve own creative skills/talents through the composition of music and dance.