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Secondary Mathematics aims at producing a person who will be numerate, orderly, logical, accurate and precise in thought. The person should also be competent in appraising and utilizing mathematical skills in playing a positive role in the development of a modern society.

In preparing this course care has been taken to ensure not only continuity, but also the reinforcement and broadening of the basic skills already established in the eight years of primary education. While greater emphasis has been placed in the needs of learners who will leave the normal education at the end of the four year secondary cycle, the course will also prepare learners who will pursue further studies in the subject and other related courses.

This syllabus has been reorganized and streamlined to remove overloads in the content and overlaps of certain content evident in the previous Mathematics syllabus. Effort has been made to bridge the gap between Primary and Secondary Mathematics.

The syllabus has emphasized application of Mathematics to real life experiences and practical approaches to teaching and learning in an effort to address such contemporary issues as information technology, health, gender and integrity. However, apart from the use of calculators which has been introduced in the course, as a technological device most of the other issues will be addressed by way of examples and exercises in support materials.

The objectives of teaching Mathematics have been expanded to enhance clarity. In addition notes have been included with the aim of not only assisting in the interpretation of the syllabus, but also to alert the teacher on some precautions required in handling the different topics. Also included in the notes are suggested resources and further assessment. Time for each topic has been suggested.

The course has been designed to enable the learner to acquire attitudes, knowledge and skills which will be relevant to his/her life after school. It is also expected to enable the learner to foster a positive attitude towards Mathematics appreciating its usefulness and relevance to a modern society.