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Home Science is an applied and integrated science which aims at improving the quality of life for the individual, the family and the community.

This Home Science syllabus incorporates subject areas such as health education, nutrition, textiles, clothing, home care and consumer education. Issues such as HIV/AIDS, STIs, drug misuse, sanitation have been dealt with under health education. Gender responsiveness has also been addressed to encourage both male and female learners to take the subject.

The syllabus has been formatted for uniform interpretation by teachers. In view of this, teachers are advised to use it as a guide and to integrate content areas appropriately during lesson planning. Teachers are called upon to be creative and improvise materials and equipment appropriately. Use of locally available resources and incorporation of the electronic media are encouraged in the enhancement of the learning and teaching of Home Science. Information update in all areas incorporated in this subject is essential.

Emphasis should be laid on economical use of resources through group practicals and, where possible, field visits within the locality. Practical and written assignments should be given regularly so that the teacher can assess the learners’ mastery of content and acquisition of relevant skills.

The content has been reorganized and can be covered within the suggested number of lessons, however, flexibility is acceptable. Teachers are advised to make use of the teachers guide in lesson preparation.

It is expected that this syllabus will adequately prepare learners for further education and training in a wide variety of careers.