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By the end of the course, the learner should be able to:

1. appreciate the importance of studying Geography

2. recognize different types of environments and manage them for individual, national and international development

3. identify and explain weather phenomena and their influence on the physical environment and human activities

4. explain land-forming processes and appreciate the resultant features and their influence on human activities

5. acquire knowledge of available natural resources and demonstrate ability and willingness to utilize them sustainability

6. identify and compare economic activities in Kenya and the rest of the world

7. state, interpret, analyse and use Geographical principles and methods to solve problems of national development

8. apply field-work techniques in studying Geography

9. acquire knowledge and skills necessary to analyse population issues of Kenya and the world

10. appreciate the importance of interdependence among people and among nations

11. identify, assess and have respect for different ways of life influencing development at local, national and international levels

12. demonstrate the acquisition of positive attitudes, values and skills for self reliance

13. acquire appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes as a basis for technological and industrial development

14. promote patriotism and national unity.