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In order for the teacher to effectively help the learner acquire proficiency in the language skills, it is important to use appropriate human and material resources. For every lesson, the teacher should determine the best resources for a particular learning activity and have them ready in advance. Such resources should be utilized in the most natural and logical manner so as to reinforce what is being learnt. The following is a list of suggested resources the teacher could use.

i) Visual aids

ii) Text books

iii) Recorded materials e.g. radio programmes, audio and video tapes, CDs and films iv) iv) Original materials from teachers and pupils

v) Improvised materials

vi) Extracts from magazines, books, newspapers, pamphlets handouts

vii) Notes, labels, symbols, signs, posters and advertisements

viii) Use of realia

ix) Oral or written poetry

x) Resource persons

xi) Class readers

xii) Visual aids: pictures, flash cards, charts, maps, models

xiii) Library books: fiction and non-fiction

xiv) Computers, television sets

xv) Resource centres

xvi) Reports and periodicals

xvii) Prescribed set books

xviii) Internet