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Interpretive reading

Reading aloud in a manner that brings out the intonations, rhythms and the meanings as intended by the author.

Close reading

Paying close attention to the printed text so as to determine the intention of the author by analyzing the tone, mood and imagery.

Responsive reading

A reading skill which encourages the reader to relate what is in a text to one’s experience  Hot-seating  Taking the role of a character, say in a novel or play and being made to account for the conduct of that character.

Recurrent words

These are different words in a paragraph that refer to the same idea to enhance the cohesion of that paragraph. The words similar in meaning but not necessarily identical.

Clincher sentence

A typical paragraph in an argumentative composition has three types of sentences:

The topic sentence, the supporting sentences and the clincher sentence. The clincher sentence is the one that sums up or clinches the argument of the paragraph.

Diagnostic exercises

Exercises aimed at identifying The learner’s problems and using  them for remedial work.

Cloze tests

A test used to test overall knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. A short passage is selected carefully for level of difficulty and sometimes for a specific register. Every sixth or seventh word is left out and the learner has to supply the correct word in each case.