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Computer Studies is offered as an optional subject at the secondary school level of education. The syllabus was first developed in 1996 and the subject, being very dynamic, requires that the syllabus be reviewed constantly. This edition is therefore a revision.

The Computer Studies syllabus has undergone a major review to bring it up-to-date with current trends and breakthroughs in Information and Communication Technotogy (ICT). It is the intention of this revised syllabus to be time-independent and to accommodate contemporary technology. This is clearly reflected in the objectives. The aim of the computer studies course is to equip the learner with basic skills that will enable him/her to use a computer for accomplishing day-to-day tasks at school, home and in the world of work. It is the intention of this revised syllabus to give the learner the required knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable him/her to fit and adapt to the ever- changing computer world and appreciate the computer as a tool for tackling day-to-day problems.

The syllabus has been revised to enable the learner apply skills acquired to develop themselves mentally, morally, socially and spiritually. The learner will also appreciate career opportunities that exist tn the world of computer studies and also have a firm foundation for further education and training.

Teachers are advised to use contemporary technology, materials and resources in order to expose the learner to the advancements made in the field of computer. The teacher should take particular note of new software and hardware developments and should keep themselves up-to-date with new innovations. The introduction of Internet Technology will be particularly useful as a source of information for issues such as HIV/AIDS, drug abuse, environmental issues, human rights, and integrity among others.

Time allocation per topic has been suggested. It is based on three lessons per week in forms one and two and four lessons per week in forms three and four. The teacher is advised to plan his/her work to fit the allocated time in order to cover the syllabus. In teaching the subject, a lot of creativity and innovative ideas are encouraged in-order to make the subject interesting.