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This course will enable the learner to:

I. acquire necessary knowledge, skills and attitude for the development of the self and the nation

2. understand business and its environment

3. appreciate the role of business in society

4. acquire necessary entrepreneurial knowledge, skills and attitude for starting and operating a business

5. develop ability for inquiry, critical thinking and rational judgment

6. appreciate tile need for ethical practice and efficient business management

7. acquire self-discipline and positive attitude towards work

8. enhance co-operation and inter-relation in the society through trade

9. understand the role of the government in relation to business activities

10. appreciate the role communication and information technology in modern business management

11. develop positive environmental and health practices

12. have a firm foundation for further education and training

13. appreciate the need for measuring business performance

14. appreciate basic economic issues in society

15. understand the role of auxiliary services in business

16. appreciate the role of market forces in determining prices of goods.