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15.10  Specific Objectives

15.20  CONTENT

15.21  Meaning of demand

15.22   Factors which influence demand for a product

15.23  Derived demand and joint demand

15.24  Demand schedule and demand curve

15.25  Movement along a demand curve and shift in a demand curve

15.26  Meaning of supply

15.27   Factors which influence supply of a product

15.28   Supply schedule and supply curve

15.29   Movement along a supply curve and shift in a supply curve

15.30   Equilibrium price and quantity

15.31   Excess demand and excess supply

15.32   Effects of shift in a demand curve and shift in a supply curve on equilibrium price and quantity

15.33   Other methods of determining price of a product.

N.B: Only normal demand and normal supply curves should be discussed in Topic 15.00