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 It is important for the teacher to evaluate his teaching and to assess learners performance. Both    of    these measurements can be carried out by determining the extent to which the intended objectives have been achieved by me end of each topic.

At the beginning of each topic, a list of specific objectives is given.  Note that, me stem of each list of objectives states: -

"By the end of the topic, the learner should be able to perform a certain task. Each specific objective then starts a verb which gives the task that the learner should be able to perform by the end of me topic.

Such verbs include:

  • State

  • Explain

  • Describe

  • Relate

  • Distinguish

  • Prepare

  • carry out

 A good assessment therefore will attempt to determine whether me learner is able to perform the task expressed by me verb

The objectives are meant to serve certain purposes:-

 1. They guide the teacher to determine what me learner is expected to do. In some cases when the objectives arc very specific they may demand me determination of extent to which the learner is able to perform a task e.g. me learner should be able to complete milking a cow within seven minutes is different from "the learner should be able to milk a cow"

 In the first objective, assessment will not only be on the ability to milk but also within what time. Grades may men be allocated for performance of me task and for me time it takes.

 2. They guide the teacher on the methodology for example, if the task is that the learner be able to explain something, then the teacher may use lecture or discussion method.

If me task is to prepare e.g. a nursery bed, then the methodology will be a demonstration followed by a practical.

 3 They guide on the method of assessment i.e. if the task was to state, then the learner should be asked to state but not to explain.

If on the other hand, me objective required learners to describe, me question should read, describe but not demonstrate

The teacher must therefore always get me verb in me objective to ask the question.

 4 They guide on the depth of coverage e.g. name me tick mat carries ECF is shallower than describe the tick that carries ECF.

Therefore if the objective states that me learner should be able to name, then description is not called for.

 5. The teacher is able to evaluate his/her teaching through assessment   of learners. The number of learners able to perform the task(s) set out in the objective(s) to a certain extent  by the end of the specified time that is end of topic, shows how effective the teaching has been. The results of such an evaluation can  help the teacher to determine what changes are requited in future teaching  such as, changes in: Teaching methods, Teaching resources and time given per content area.