Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education

History and Government - Paper 2

Oct/Nov 2007

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Answer all the questions in this section in the answer booklet provided


1. Give two sources of information in history and government.       (2 marks)


2.  State two methods used by Early Man to find food during the Stone Age period.        (2 marks)


3. Give the main reason why early agriculture developed in Egypt.          (1 marks)


4. Identify two early sources of energy.        (2 marks)


5. State one disadvantage of using a messenger to pass on information.    (1 mark)


6. State the main advantage of using air transport.        (1 mark)


7. Identify the main method of trade in Africa during the pre- colonial period.      (1 mark)


8. Identify one reason that led to the decline of Meroe as an early urban centre.    (1 mark)


9. State the role of the 'golden stool' in the Asante Kingdom during the, 19th century. (1 mark)


10. Identify the two European powers that acquired colonies in East Africa.      (2 marks)


11. Give one reason why the Lozi collaborated with the British during the colonization of Africa.        (1 marks)


12. Give two results of the French assimilation policy in Senegal.      (2 marks)


13.   Identify the immediate cause of the First World War.     (1 mark)


14. State the main reason why nationalism developed in Ghana during the colonial rule.       (1 mark)


15.   State two duties of the United Nations Secretariat.         (2 marks)


16.   Give two achievements of the commonwealth.           (2 marks)


17.   Identify two types of democracy.        (2 marks)




Answer any three questions from this section in the answer booklet provided.


18. (a) State three ways in which people in developing countries are affected by food shortages.           (3 marks)


      (b) Explain six ways that the deveioping countries can use to reduce the problem of food shortages.          (12 marks)


19.(a) Identify the three types of trade.         (3 marks)

     (b) Describe the organization of the Trans - Saharan trade.           (12 marks)


20. (a) State three factors that have contributed to the growth of Johannesburg city.      (3 marks)


      (b) Describe six social problems faced by the residents of Johannesburg since the end of apartheid.          (12 marks)


21. (a) How did the invention of the steam engine contribute to the process of colonization in Africa?        (3 marks)


      (b)  Explain six positive effects of European colonization of Africa.      (12 marks)




Answer any two questions from this section in the answer booklet provided.


22. (a) Identify three terms of the Treaty of Versailles of 1919.   (3 marks)


     (b) Give six reasons why the Central Powers were defeated in the First World War.     (12 marks)


23. (a) Give three political changes introduced by Mobutu Sese Seko which led to dictatorship in the Democratic Republic of Congo.      (3 marks)


     (b) Explain the economic problems faced by the Democratic Republic of Congo since independence.          (12 marks)


24. (a) Give three requirements for one to be allowed to contest as a presidential candidate in the United States of America.        (3 marks)


     (b)   What are the functions of the United States Congress?            (12 marks)


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